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Grooming Basics
  The fact is that most of us horse lovers don't groom our horses properly. This could be due to lots of things - time, motivation, circumstances etc. What we need to realise is that time with our horse is bonding time.
The Western Cowboy
  In the State of Texas the Western Cowboy can be found home on the range. But can you really find a true western cowboy in the state of Texas? At one time you could find real cowboys in Texas but that time was over one hundred years ago.
Comparison of Cost and Effectiveness of Holistic Care vs. Conventional Care
  After years of practicing both conventional and holistic medicine for horses, I decided to compare the cost, effectiveness, and net results of managing and treating horses holistically versus conventionally.
Five Tips to Buy a Horse
  If you are looking for a horse or pony for sale, a horse trailer or even an entire horse farm for sale, here are some tips to get you started.
Barrel Racing for Fun
  Over the years I have noticed a situation that develops much to often. That is the Here is a sport for everyone.
Choosing Bits
  Bits are one of the most MythUnderstood pieces of horse equipment man has ever invented. The things that people think they're supposed to do with a bit in a horse's mouth are unbelievable.
Common Horse Breeds
  Learning about horse breeds, common and rare, is fascinating and there's a wealth of information available for free on the Internet.
Holistic vs Conventional Horse Care
  After years of practicing both conventional and holistic medicine for horses, I decided to compare the cost, effectiveness, and net results of managing and treating horses holistically versus conventionally.
Myths About Cutting Horses
  During my career as a professional horse trainer, Iíve heard horse owners tell all kinds of reasons why they think their horse could be a winner in the cutting arena.
Cutting Horse Saddles
  There are a lot of different brands of saddles available. Darn few of them are designed well for riding and training a performance horse.
Don't Hold Your Breath
  Take a quick poll anywhere you find a bunch of horse people, and youíll find that the two things riders fear most are coming off their horses and getting run away with. Thereís a common solution to both of those problems--donít hold your breath.
Equine Cushings Cure
  Equine Cushings disease is caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production and regulation of hormones.
Finding a Riding Instructor
  Finding the right instructor is essential if a rider wants positive, satisfying, and safe equestrian experiences.
Float a Horse's Teeth
  Unlike your own teeth, your horse's teeth keep growing. At times, your horse's teeth may develop sharp edges, making it difficult for her to chew food, hold a bit, or simply have pain and discomfort inside her mouth.
You Can't Fool a Horse
  Many animals, including horses, possess an uncanny ability to detect emotion as well as the inner nature of an individual.
Keeping a Horse's Attention
  When you are teaching your horse to heed, you must keep bringing its attention back to you.
Learning From Horses
  Horses are creatures of habit. And the habits they learn can be good ones or bad ones depending on whoís handling them.
Managing Horse Pastures
  A major part of a horse's diet is hay or pasture. A horse weighing 1000 pounds will eat about 500 pounds each month.
"Natural" Horsemanship
  Most people think you control a horse by controlling its head. You put on a lead rope or a bridle and you use that to show the horse how you want him to start and stop and turn and move his feet and disengage this or that and other stuff.
Punishing Your Horse
  If you've ever taken riding lessons, you can relate to your horse when it comes to being corrected for something you didn't do quite right.
Rearing and Pulling
  At some point in its training, something will startle or frighten an energetic, red blooded baby horse and he will rear or pull back or run sideways while the trainer is leading him.
Rider Burnout
  Remember the trail rides, those days at the barn that never seem to have enough hours in them, all the new friends, and what about the different shows you were so excited to attend.
Riding Fears
  Anyone who has ridden for any length of time would be dishonest if they told you they have never felt fear.
Communicating withYour Seat
  The rider must master six distinct skills as she or he develops an independent seat.
UK Horse Racing
  I have researched some statistics that will give you more chance of finding that winning horse racing bet, or more importantly avoiding a losing one.
Whips and Spurs
  As the horse moves along through his training, you go from showing him what you want to asking him for it and finally he knows what you want well enough that you can just tell him.
Who's Fault?
  Every rider has experienced the situation where they ask their horse for a particular shape or movement and either nothing happens or something other than what they wanted happens.