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All Purpose Saddles
Traditional english saddles with a pomel and cantel, for pleasure riding and training.

Jumping Saddles
Close contact and jumping saddles for managing a horse over fences. Often have padded knee rolls.

Dressage Saddles
Saddles used in first and second level dressage and training. They tend to be black and have a long saddle flap.
Eventing Saddles
Saddles for distance and jumping, generally considered a cross between dressage and jumping saddles.
Polo Saddles
Saddles for playing polo, they tend to be very flat.
Western Saddles
Typically ornate saddle designed for roping and cutting has a high horn for the lariet.
Bareback Saddles
Soft padded saddles with cloth girths to make bareback riding more comfortable.
Saddle and Bridle Sets
Complete riding sets, saddles, leathers, irons and bridles.
Australian Saddles
Saddles from down under (generally a cross between an English and Western style)
Saddle Accessories
Stirrups, irons, leathers and related saddle accessories.
Saddle Covers
Keep your saddle protected from the weather and elements with a saddle cover.
Saddle Bags
Store water, cameras and other items in portable saddle bags designed for riding.

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